Global shipping and transportation
by land, sea and air

With ToyStorage being entrusted with some of the world’s most historically significant cars, it was important to us that we partnered with a transportation company who would handle the vehicles in not only a confidential and discreet manner, but who would be vigilant in taking care of the bespoke needs inherent with loading and unloading classic and historic cars.

Straight Eight Logistics are specialists in luxury, classic and vintage car transportation by land, sea and air.

Also located just off the M3 in Hampshire, Straight Eight have their own fleet of covered, fully enclosed and insured car transporters, capable of moving single and/or multiple vehicles at any one time. Vehicles are insured up to £8 million per load (this cover can be extended) and are subject to a detailed visual inspections prior to collection and after delivery.

With a trusted alliance of global partners they have the knowledge and expertise to transport your car, both safely and securely, on a global scale. They offer a bespoke service tailored to your specific needs and more importantly which fits your schedule, be it covered transportation by road, containerised shipping by sea or air freight.

Further information regarding the services Straight Eight Logistics offer can be found at Alternatively they can be contacted on +44 (0) 2035 404929 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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