Car Detailing to Concours Standard

Toy Storage in Hampshire provide the top quality, bespoke and meticulous level of attention to car detailing that our clients expect.

Our car detailer is a highly experienced, professional who specialises in the restoration, preparation and protection of paintwork and interior finishes on modern, classic, sports and prestige cars.

We have created a purpose-built car detailing booth in our luxury car storage facility to help achieve absolute detailing perfection for clients of Toy Storage.

Car Detailing Services include:

  • Full Valet with paint seal and shine
  • New car ceramic paintwork protection
  • Paintwork Enhancement
  • Paintwork Restoration
  • Protection Detail
  • Concours Preparation Detail
  • Leather Restoration and Refurbishment
  • Maintenance and Contract Valeting

For further information on the car detailing services available at the Toy Storage facility,
please call 01256 701503 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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