Car detailing is specialised work and demands perfection. It can take about 35 hours to detail the exterior and interior of a car.

We have one of the most competent and experienced car detailers in the country at Toy Storage working out of our car storage facility in Hampshire, and this enables us to offer a concours- standard car detailing service to our clients.


So how do we achieve the perfect finish?

1. Detailing Evaluation – carefully evaluate and observe the car for any defects which may need extra work during the detailing process.

2. Full De-Contamination Wash – wheels are washed first before moving onto the body. The de-contamination snowfoam wash degreases the paintwork. We use the 2-bucket method and a lambswool mitt. 

3. Wash & Dry – car is jetwashed to remove any residue left from the de-contamination wash and is then towel dried. Following this, the car is dried using an airblower to ensure all water is removed from any recesses.  The paintwork is then clay barred to remove any environment fall-out such as tree sap or tar which ensures it is completely clean and ready for the correction process.

4. Full Paintwork Evaluation - paint depth meter readings are taken to measure the thickness of the paint in various places. The paint needs to be 120-150 microns thick, but if there are areas which are thinner then extra care is needed when polishing as this will remove 2-3 microns during the process. If the paint in thinner than 120 microns it indicates that the car has been machine or hand polished in the past and some lacquer or solid paint will have been removed during the process. If the paint thickness is more than 150 microns, then this indicates the car has been resprayed.

5. Machine Polish – this is the longest part of the car detailing process and is the most skilful aspect of the detailers work. Panels vary and some take longer than others, and we need to prepare each panel by taping all the edges of the paintwork to avoid catching them on the machine. During this stage we use various compounds and pad combinations dependent upon the shape of the panel and the paint depth to ensure we get the best cutting effect so it removes all imperfections, scratches and swirl marks.

6. Clean Down – this removes all the dust created from the machine polish process. Compound edges are cleaned and checked.

7. Final Stage Polish – this is the final finish where the paintwork is refined to create a stunning high gloss finish, removing light holograms and making the paint pop!

8. Paintwork Protection – currently the paint is bare so we put sealants and waxes on the paintwork or a ceramic glass coating which enhances the finish even more. Sealants and waxes are better for vintage cars and the ceramic glass coating looks fantastic on modern sports cars. This coating is more expensive but is harder wearing.

9. Wheels, Windows & Trim – the wheels, windows and trims are cleaned and dressed. We use special products for chrome trims.

10. Interior Valet – once the exterior detail is complete we start work on the interior which undergoes a full leather clean, carpets are hoovered, cleaned and dressed with spray protection. The dashboard, dials, gauges, binnacle and air vents are all meticulously cleaned with brushes and interior mirrors, windows and door shuts are polished.
And there you have it – the perfect finish!

For further information on the car detailing service offered at Toy Stor-age, please contact Matt on 07590 426246 or visit for further details.



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